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Terms & Conditions

  • Following is the "legal jargon" Please make sure you, the customer, read and understand.

    • Our scoopers need access into and out of the yard. Please make sure gates are working and path is clear.  If gate is broken we may need to suspend service until fixed to ensure the safety of your dogs and our technicians.

    • Please try to keep grass/weeds to a minimum as it makes it impossible to find the poo. We pride ourselves on leaving your yard clean and poo free and will try our best but we can't guarantee what we can't see!

    • Your pet is WELCOME to hang with us while we clean, BUT, if your dog is protective please keep inside on the day we provide service.  If you have protective dogs you must reply to our On the way message or we may need to skip yard to ensure safety.

    • If we arrive and cannot enter your yard for any reason, there will still be the service charge and we will return on your next scheduled service day/time to resume clean up 

  • Billing:​

    • After the first cleaning, invoices will be issued on the 26th of the month for the next month's service.

    • If a card is used, we will add the processing fee charge to your invoice.  If you card is declined, services will be immediately suspended until payment is rendered. 

    • If you choose not to use auto pay and services are not paid BEFORE your second visit of the month, service will be suspended until payment is made.

    • A late fee could be assessed for any invoice outstanding after the 10th of the month.

  • Poo Happens does not assume any liability for damage made to gates, yards, pets or any other property.

  • Poo Happens requires a 30 day notice to cancel services. 

  • Poo Happens will take pictures of your pet to put on Facebook or Instagram.  ​

    •     Poo happens will NOT put customer name, address or geo location of image when posted.

    •    Customer can request via email pictures not be posted.

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