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Spring is here-Are you ready to keep your pet safe?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

With the heat quickly approaching, we are all getting ready for pool season! Before it gets too hot we are trying to get home improvement projects, indoor and out, completed. We want everything to be perfect for those weekend BBQ, with all the Graduation parties and just fun times!! Let's take a moment to inventory the potential springtime hazards for your furry friends.

I know I am a little late on this one, but lilies and candy can be extremely hazardous to our fur babies—chocolate goodies are toxic to cats and dogs, and all true lilies can be fatal if ingested by cats.

Remember with this heat DO NOT leave your pets in your car!!! I have a separate, complete blog post on this dangerous practice. They may love car rides, but leave your babies at home during this time!!

When doing your Spring Cleaning remember to keep your cleaning supplies, fluids, weed control, paints, etc out of reach of your pets. Some chemicals, like radiator fluid for one example, actually smell sweet and yummy to our pets. Don't assume your pet will know it is poison and leave it be-just put it up where they can't get to it and be safe :)

When planting flowers, plants, etc pay special attention as many of these are toxic to our fur babies. ASK BEFORE YOU PLANT

Believe it or not, dogs and cats can have allergies just like people. If your little one is scratching, has watery eyes, rashes, go ahead and talk to your vet and see :)

Last, but maybe one of the MOST important is keeping your yard free of pet waste. The flies are really bad this time of year and can easily transport bacteria from the poo outside to your counters inside.

Poo Happens has some great specials right now-Let us help take one thing off your list and ease your mind :)

Written by Annette Jacobs, Veteran owner of Poo Happens

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